Watching Worship on Your TV

The following is a list of basic instructions for watching our Sunday morning worship service on your TV:

  1. Watch the Video
  2. OR Skip down to the written instructions.


On Your TV (Option 1)
>Open the YouTube App on your Smart TV
>Use the arrows on the remote to move around
>Find the Search (Magnifying Glass) Symbol
>Use the arrows on the remote to select letters
>Enter “Ramona UMC Worship” into the Search Bar
>The Most Recent Worship should appear first. On Sunday morning a red “LIVE” will appear in the bottom right of the video.
>>NOTE To see the LIVE video, you may have to search AFTER 9:40 AM on Sunday morning.

Cast Button

Casting (Option 2)
>Open the YouTube App on your Smart TV
>Open on your “Computer” (or other device on the wifi network)
>Play the Worship on your Computer
>A Small Square Button with 3 Curved Lines in the bottom left corner will appear in the menu of the video. (See Image Above)
>Hovering over the box it should say “Play on TV”
>Click on the Box
>A Menu will appear on the Computer screen somewhere asking which device to cast to.
>Select your TV from the list of devices.
>The Video should stop playing on your computer and start playing on the TV at the same point.