Do you have questions… about life, about God, about right and wrong?   WE LOVE QUESTIONS!

Join us and we’ll journey together to find the answers. Our church is part of a centuries old tradition and we believe that God is real and present with us; but we also believe that we have to think for ourselves and use common sense. It can be messy sometimes, but it’s always interesting.

We welcome all people

At the core of our mission statement is, “With open hearts, we welcome and affirm all people.” At our church, all means all, including all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, marital status, and family configurations. To see our complete mission statement plus an explanation of what we mean by “welcome and affirm,” visit our What We Believe page.

Are you new to our church or our website?

If you are new, welcome to Ramona United Methodist Church. If you are visiting our website for the first time, I hope that you will find a wealth of information and inspiration. You may want to start with the Your First Visit page.

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We have divided the links above into 4 categories: Gather, Grow, Get Involved, and Give.  We have included a brief explanation of each page below to help you get started. Our worship times and contact info are at the bottom of each page.

Pastor John


gatherOn these pages, you will find information about our Sunday worship service. This includes the morning time schedule and everything you would want to know so that your first visit with us in person will be as stress-free as possible.  There is also information on our wonderful choir programs.


growThere are a variety of spiritual growth opportunities available both in person and online.  These pages include an online archive of our worship services, information about our Mid-week Connection fellowship, and many other resources.

Get Involved

checkmarkThese pages are geared for those who attend regularly, but visitors can learn a lot about our church by reading them as well.  They include links and instructions to use our ‘Breeze’ online church management system, a google calendar of church events, and a link to send in a prayer request.



These pages include a link for online donations, but there are more ways to give beyond just a financial gift.  We have a scrip program, which allows you to buy gift cards at cost while the church gets to keep a small portion of the money as a donation.  If you have never heard of scrip, please check out our Give pages.  We also have delicious fair-trade coffee, tea, and chocolate for sale on the patio after church each Sunday.