Online Giving


We offer this option for financial gifts to our church. You will find this process simple and easy.  You can setup a one-time gift or a re-occurring giving process.  You are more than welcome to use this link to setup your weekly or monthly giving to the church in place of putting money in the offering plates on Sunday mornings.

If this is your first time using this process, be sure to read all of the instructions carefully, so that your gift will be accounted for properly.


Ways to Give Financially:

  1.  Use the link above  “Give Today” to use our online giving system. (Instructions below)
  2. Use your online banking.  You save fees by using the online banking of your own bank account.  Most banks have an option for paying bills directly from your checking account.  This is usually free.
  3. You can always write a check and mail it to the church.
    3394 Chapel Lane, Ramona CA, 92065

Frequency of Giving

You can manage your giving more efficiently by setting up a recurring payments.  Both options 1 and 2 above allow you to select recurring and chose from a variety of options such as weekly, twice a month ,or monthly.

Instructions for using our online giving system.

Breeze Church Management Systems is our online membership and financial database.  They provide to us this service that allows anyone to donate money to our church. It is important to note that they do take a small fee out of each donation.  Below is a picture of the online giving form with a few instructions.  It is somewhat straight forward.

  1.  Below is the form that the link above takes you to.  Notice that the “by Credit/Debit Card” box and the “one time gift” box have a black arrow along the far right edge.  Both of these boxes have multiple options.
  2. “by Credit/Debit Card”  can be changed to “by ACH Bank Transfer”  you can input your bank account and routing numbers to have the money withdrawn directly from your checking account.
  3.  (Item 3 is below the graphic)

Breeze Give

3.  Below your personal information is the box which says “one time gift”  Click on it for a selection of options including:

    1. one time gift
    2. weekly
    3. every 2 weeks
    4. monthly
    5. yearly

By selecting a recurring option (2-5) you make your life a little easier and give the church the assurance of your continuing support.  You can of course cancel your recurring gift at any time.  If you are unable to do this yourself, you can contact the church office for help.

4.  Use the Comments box at the bottom of the form to designate all or part of your giving to a special fund, project or mission.   If left blank your donation will go into our operating budget.  This covers salaries, utilities, etc.  which is where we financial help is most needed.

Breeze Give 2