QR Code Reader

Check-in online!  Remember during each service on Sundays, to click the QR Code with your phone and check in online.  Have your phone ready to scan the code.  You can use the app on your phone to scan the code right off your computer screen, TV, or iPad.   The code each week is unique and automatically fills in the date of the worship service you are watching.  This way it works even if you are watching a replay of an older service.   

Do You Need A QR Code Reader?

Apple phones come with the QR code reader app.  If you have another device like an Android phone, you will need to install the app.  Simply open your App store, or Play Store and search for “Trend Micro QR Scanner”  This is the best version of the app that I have found.  Then install the free program.  On Sunday, open this app and use it to scan the QR code. As soon as the app sees the QR Code on the screen, it will automatically take you to the attendance page.  Just type in your name(s), email address, click submit, and you are done.