AnnMarie Horan – Administrative Assistant

Deborah Stokes – Assistant Music Director

Born in Michigan, Deborah is a long-time friend and participant with Kevin in several groups both in Michigan and California.  Deborah lives in Ramona and works with the Ramona schools on their choral productions throughout the year.  Deborah is our assistant choir director, congregational music leader, and director of our children’s choir.

Kevin Cavanaugh – Music Director

Born in Michigan, Kevin is an integral part of the San Diego choral scene, directing and accompanying multiple San Diego choral groups.  One of those groups “Blue Velvet” has performed special fundraising concerts at the church. Kevin accompanies and directs our church choir.

Cavanaugh continues to entertain at local venues including his solo act at the Turf Supper Club in Golden Hill, with Blue Velvet at Martinis and The Caliph.  In addition, Cavanaugh is music director for Choral Club of San Diego and principal accompanist for San Diego Gay Mens Chorus.

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