God’s Work Our Hands

2018 – Sunday, October 21st

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God’s Work, Our Hands is an annual ecumenical gathering of churches for a day of service to the Ramona community.   This year we will be meeting at the Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church on Main Street.  At 9:00 am we will have a short Commission Worship service.  Then we will divide out into several different mission projects.

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church is located at 1735 Main St.


There are projects and specific tasks for all ages and ability levels.  If you didn’t have a chance to sign up ahead of time, that’s OK.  You can join one of the groups on Sunday morning at the Lutheran church.  Below is a short description of some of the projects for this year:

Monument Sign

General clean up, repairing the drip system, and tree trimming at the corner of Dye Road and 67.


Weed abatement, tree trimming, general clean-up, and some basic carpentry work: fixing fences, gates, stalls, and other items related to the animal enclosures.

Ramona Senior Center

Trimming trees, pruning rose bushes and other flowers, raking fallen leaves, and removing yard waste.

Wildlife Refuge Center

Tree trimming, weed abatement, general clean-up, and basic carpentry work.

Children’s group art and letters

Provide supervision and assist kids in art projects or writing letters to go with donations of food to first responders and other community members/organizations.

Baked Goods for First Responders

Make baked goods, and deliver them along with the kids art projects to first-responders.

Trash Drop-off

Collect the bagged trash from the other projects and take it to the Ramona dump.

Trash Pick

Walk as a group along main street to help keep the community beautiful.

The Grange

General clean-up and minor repairs, trimming trees, and removing yard waste.